Cafe World Lightning Stoves

By | June 6, 2010

Cafe World Lightning Super Stoves ! new stove on cafe world, lightning stove 🙂

lightning super stoves cook faster !

Siggie just invented Lightning Super Stoves and cafe world are making them available to all of you! These stoves are even more powerful than Super Stoves! They provide one-click cooking and also COOK 5% FASTER FOREVER ! Be the first one to get the latest cooking technology in Café World!

It’s the one-click cooking you’ve come to love with the Super Stove, plus a lifetime of 5% faster cooking! When you cook anything on the stove you will see a fly-up showing that your dishes will cook 5% faster. Keep reading to hear more…

lightning stoves on cafe world
cook all dishes 5% faster and also provides one click cooking !

To add a lightning stove to your café, visit the Gears icon and then the stove menu.

If you have all stoves for your level in use, you may store one of your previous stoves to make room for your new lightning stove. This way, when you level up again, you can drag your old stove back out into your café again.

You may also sell an old stove by dragging it over the cash register in the edit menu, if you wish.

yeah too bad we must pay 45 cafe cash for this lightning stove, maybe there will be free lightning stoves that we can build like cafe world super stoves ?

update : now we can invent and build lightning super stove

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  • fathskie

    45 cafecash is big no way! We get 3 cafecash per week from cooking, that means we’ll need 45/3 = 15 weeks = 4 months to buy a lightning stoves.. I certainly hope it will be build-able in the future. You know, if it’s become a “popular demand”, zynga might give in 😛 hehe

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  • Keida

    I got all the parts to my lightning stove and then my icon just vanished and my stove was not in my inventory. Where can i find it or what should i do?