Cafe World Lisas Luau Goals

By | April 8, 2011

Cafe World Lisas Luau Goals ! after cafe aloha goals we got another hawaiian goals 😛

lisa’s luau quest in cafe world

for now there’s only 2 goals because the third one is catering order which not here yet… in these goals you still need to collect some leis and cook the new hawaiian dishes

part 1 : cafe world lisa’s luau I
lisa latte took notes at the hawaiian luau, and she wants to host one at your cafe ? hmm,where will you bury the pig ?
– restock your salad bar 5 times
– spice 5 of your neighbor’s dishes
– own 2 tiki chairs (buy)

part 2 : cafe world lisa’s luau II
guests are arriving for lisa’s luau, serve some island sweets and treats to make them comfortable
– have 25 leis
– serve haupia 15 times
– serve orange juice 30 times

part 3 : cafe world lisa’s luau III
the projector is working ! cater the luau to see the final slide, plus joe and lisa’s vacation video with a special message just for you !
– cater the grand luau when available . coming soon !

i think the catering order will come out next week ~

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