Cafe World Love Cake

By | February 4, 2011

Cafe World Love Cake ! there’s a new dishes available special for valentine’s day in cafe world

love cake in cafe world

but i can’t find this dishes anywhere in cookbook or even free gift, maybe this love cake is coming soon soon dish ? or is there any goals or catering order that give you love cake as reward ?

i got it when opening my daily bookmark visit bonus, the one with special delivery box
you just received a love cake – you can find it in your gift box

ready to serve love cake
200 servings with 15 coins per serving

Update : now it’s available as recipe reward from cafe world valentine’s day dinner

love cake stats :
cost : 500
servings : 50
ready in : 1 hour
earns : 15 per serving – 750 total
cafe points : 45 CP

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  • mithila

    is there any another way to get the valentine catering job???pls help to open this job…