Cafe World Mad Scientist’s Lab

By | October 31, 2012

Build a cafe world mad scientist’s lab for the halloween block party !

Finish all 10 stages to earn a 6x mega stove, spices, halloween dishes and decor.

build a lab to make spooky treats
post to get parts from your friends !

earn rewards each time you complete a stage :
Stage 1: 2 Six Hour Thyme
Stage 2: 2 Mastery Mint
Stage 3: Pumpkin Ginger Bread Recipe
Stage 4: 2 Six Hour Thyme
Stage 5: Mexican Pumpin Punch Recipe
Stage 6: 2 Instant Thyme
Stage 7: Frankenstein Bell Pepper Recipe
Stage 8: 2 Quest Buster Thyme
Stage 9: Evil Pumpkin
Stage 10: Mummy 6x Mega Stove

Complete the halloween holiday quest to upgrade the 6x mega stove to a 6x ultra stove !