Cafe World Magnolia Locked Problem

By | February 19, 2012

I got report that some players still have the cafe world magnolia locked even after they completing white orchid goals part 5 : gear up quest

the magnolia supposed to be unlocked as reward by finishing this mission 🙁

The Journey goal need you to grow 4 magnolias, so what to do to unlocking this flower ?
try to contact cafe world zynga support, because some of the players on the forum got it fixed

My magnolia did not unlock, but got it straightened out through live chat. First time I ever had it come up and could use it. How wonderfully fast they take care of the issue. Made me positively euphoric

there’s still no more info how to fix this manually, still looking for them.. i will share as soon i got it okay
so meanwhile just contact the support !

  • Michelle


  • Mphow’

    me too, got the same problem. but they fixed it, they unlocked the magnolia. and also i got problem with lilac, the first 2 lilacs weren’t counted, so I must grew 6 lilacs then they we’re counted as 4. 🙁

    I told that to Zynga and they gave me 50 Instant Thyme. that’s a very great help for me. hope Zynga always give the best for us. :))

  • Alessia

    Just Done. 😉
    Now, Just Waiting !!
    Bye !

  • stphn316


    From what I understand you can only access live chat if you are a paying player (if you have ever purchased cafe cash, or anything else with real money). If you are not a paying player than the best way to contact is through email…though that takes a day or two to get a response.