Cafe World Marriage Quests

By | January 16, 2012

If you have some questions for the cafe world marriage quests here are some official FAQ from zynga support !

Joe and Lisa Marriage Guide – 1/12/2012

My friends have the quest, but not me. Why?
This is a large quest and we are slowly rolling it out to everyone to make sure everything goes well. Please be patient and there is no need to report a ticket.

Is there a builder in this quest?
Yes, you can either build or buy the Guestbook.

Can I have more than one Guestbook?
No, you can only have one.

Do I have to have a completed Guestbook to play the quest?
No, you are not required to complete the Guestbook to play The Cafe World Joe and Lisa Wedding quest parts 1 or 2.

What is the Guestbook?
A completed Guestbook will allow you to invite your friends to join the wedding party! If your Guestbook is charged and sitting in your cafe, it will provide a 5% speed bonus to all Dish cook time until the timer expires.

Once I’ve filled my Guestbook, how long does it last?
Your filled Guestbook will last 7 days. Keep in mind that if your Guestbook has been activated, but stored in your inventory, the speed bonus will not apply and the timer will continue to tick down.

Is the Guestbook eligible for Special Delivery?
No, the Guestbook is not eligible for Special Delivery.

After the event has ended, can I still use the Guestbook?
Yes, after the wedding event has ended, you can still use the Guestbook for the bonus.

I’ve finished the first part of the Wedding quest. When will I find out what happens next?
Congratulations on finishing the first part of the Wedding quest! We will release the second part of the Wedding shortly. Thanks for your patience.

What does the Bride and Groom stoves do?
Collect the Bride and Groom stoves at the end of the Wedding quests part 1 and 2 and together they become 4x Ultra Stoves!

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