Cafe World Maxwell House Coffee Machine

By | December 1, 2010

Cafe World Maxwell House Coffee Machine ! do you see a new cofee machine on cafe world loading screen ?

maxwell house on cafe world arrives on december 1st !

i wonder if there will be any Maxwell House Coffee Challenge like the old cafe world tassimo, i hope only maxwell house goal

because i don’t enjoy clicking customers 🙁

Update : maxwell house coffee challenge is here
master the maxwell house coffee and cafe style beverages and here are the prizes :
1 lucky chef will win 50,000 cafe cash
100 chefs will win 10 lightning super stoves
100 chefs will win limited edition decor item

maxwell house brews information :
– these brews are only available until friday, december 31th, 2010
– your coffee machine will automatically chance to the maxwell house brewer when you brew one of these cofees
– get your regular machine back by clicking a different tab, and brewing any coffee

maxwell house coffee menu that you need to upgrade :
– original roast (12 energy)
– french roast (27 energy)
– international peppermint mocha latte (37 energy)
– international cafe vanilla caramel latte (43 energy)

maxwell house coffee challenge on cafe world

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