Cafe World Medals

By | December 21, 2009

Cafe World Medals ! Yay finally the medals available on cafe world ^__^


New feature, Medals on Cafe world

today, when you open cafe world you will see this announcement :
“Earn Medals ! You can now access medals by clicking the medal icon on the bottom right of the game”

yup, you can see the medals icon on the right side, near gift box icon 🙂

There are 5 medals available right now on cafe world :
1. Friendly Fry Cook Medal
2. Feed an Army Medal
3. Comfortable Cooker Medal
4. Greatly Gifted Medal
5. Continuous Cooker Medal

And there are 4 type of medals that you can collect & there’s a reward for each medals 😀
1. Bronze Medal
2. Silver Medal
3. Gold Medal
4. Royal Medal

When you achieve the medals requirements you’ll get the rewards and you can also share it on news feed for your friends to get the bonus 🙂

Army Royal Medal

Click Get Bonus from your friends to get the bonus 🙂

Your neighbor will get 500 coins 🙂

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