Cafe World Mexican s’more

By | June 12, 2012

The cafe world mexican s’more is required for cast your line – goal 4 of summer festival on a boat trip 🙂

how to get mexican smore in cafe world ?
you only need to complete beach bbq III catering order with 3 stars to unlock this new recipe

look at the dishes requirements for this catering mission below :
White Radish Cake – 1day
Homestyle Pot Roast – 2day
Cassava Cake – 12hr

if you don’t want to complete it, and want to finish the quest requirements faster use the request link for this dishes below :

Mexican S’Mores
gid : 7460
uid – 940
mexican s’more link

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  • nyco99

    Does it really work ???? i click on the link, it opens my cafe, but no mexican’s more in my giftbox or anywhere…