Cafe World Mr Snowball Goals

By | January 5, 2011

Cafe World Mr Snowball Goals ! i don’t know about you guys, but i still haven’t finished with new years party goals in cafe world


because in part 2 we must ‘beg’ quest items from neighbors 🙁 not to mention we must build mr snowball that required parts..

list of mr snowball goals in cafe world :
part 1 : mr. snowball is coming
get ready for mr. snowball’s arrival by setting things up and having some food ready
– place mr snowball
– place winter snack table in your cafe

hint : this table of cookies and milk can be found in the decoration inventory
rewards : 5000 cafe coins + 2000 cafe points

part 2 : help mr.snowball
mr. snowball needs a little help putting himself together, ask your friends to help you get mr. snowball in tip top shape !
– complete mr. snowball
– collect 3 scarves to keep mr. snowball’s neck warm
– get 4 large branches so mr. snowball can drink his milk

will keep updated… anyone want to share next part ?

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  • Alina

    part 3
    serve 10 apple ciders
    serve 25 pink fantasies
    serve 15 coffe maple punches

    part 4
    ask for 10 wish lists
    visit 5 neighbors