Cafe World Mr Snowman

By | January 5, 2011

Cafe World Mr Snowman ! though winter already passed there’s a new buildable item on cafe world for winter, mr snowman !

mr snowman in cafe world

Invite special guests into your cafe ! Bring mr. snowball to life and your customers will dress up for the holidays

go to the functional and you can choose to buy it with 25 cafe cash or build it, if you want to build mr snowman you need to ask friends for :
– cafe world silk hats
– cafe world carrots
– cafe world snow buttons
– cafe world snow balls

Place mr. snowball in your cafe and some of your customers will celebrate by dressing up for the holidays. So once mr snowman completed, the placement of the Mr. Snowball in the cafe causes the following patrons to appear :
Mrs. Claus
Elder Elf
Red Stripe Boy Elf
Red Stripe Girl Elf
Green Stripe Boy Elf
Green Stripe Girl Elf
Cool Kid

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