Cafe World Mystery Crates

By | December 12, 2009

Cafe World Mystery Crates ! a new feature on cafe world today, mystery crates.


You can buy mystery crates with 10 cafe cash.

Want to know what special items do you get from mystery crates on cafe world ? please read more to find out 🙂

Mystery Crates have arrived for holidays! every crate is a winer and gives you special items for your cafe at a fraction of the cost!
What will you get ?


Well because i don’t want to spend any money for cafe cash, so i search the forums and asked them what special items do you get inside mystery crates 😛

The truth is many of them said that the new ‘Mystery Crate’ icon is so annoying because Cafe World screen is already tiny .

and for mystery crates special items :
“I tried it twice. I got the dog and the Santa sleigh for 10CW each which is a discount, but I would not have bought the dog anyway.” – ndalum

“Mine was a 22 CW waterfall for 10 CW. Don’t want a waterfall, so I sold it back for something over 400 coins. The crate does not go away. It’s still there to buy again for another 10 CW. So it’s not just Christmas stuff, it could be anything that they sell for CW. Fool me once, shame on you — fool me twice, shame on me. Not opening it again.” – spirambler

so it’s up to you if you still want to buy it =P

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  • Donna Varnadoe

    would someone PLEASEEEEEEEE give me helpful hints or tips without it costing me REAL MONEY?? SHEESH! I’m to the point of no return!

  • Crystal

    Hi Donna – try the group “cafe world free food” on Facebook. If you go to the discussion section and click on the last page of the taste tester threads, there are zillions of kinks to get free food. Free food = more money.

  • Crystal

    Links, not kinks. Sheesh what a slip-up.