Cafe World Mystical Pizza Cafe Points

By | March 19, 2010

Cafe World Mystical Pizza Cafe Points 🙂 a new dish on cafe world, mystical pizza

mystical pizza on cafe world

yeah i know this dish is kinda weird 😛 coz you won’t find it in a real life…

mystical pizza stats
cost 2300
servings 1100
earns 5 per serving – 5500 total serving
ready in 11 hours
total cafe points : 332 CP

so cafe points for mystical pizza is 332 CP ! i think this is one of the best dishes on cafe world because it have a short time to cook with a big cafe points 😀

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  • utki

    yup u r right, mystical pizza is the best dish in cafe world as it gives cafe points in abundance! and also it’s highly profitable and it’s available to cook at a lower level as compared to veggie lasagnas and sirius sorbet and also ice cream sundae!


  • Tom

    If you stock up on these, you can also sell them catering for even more CP, though that is a trade off between profit and CP.