Cafe World Nature Hike Catering Order

By | January 22, 2012

Help with cafe world nature hike catering order ! The scout leaders are taking their scouts on a magnificent nature hike.

They’ll be hungry when they get back, cater a big meal for the scouts’ return

Help out those scout leaders by feeding those kids ! earn 3 stars and they’ll reward you with the roasted marshmallows dish. Recruit your friends to help out !

you can unlock 2 of the dishes from joe and lisa’s reception goals, and the numbers to serve is crazy..

nature hike catering order :
– serve coffee rubbed burger 999 times (4 hours)
– serve java short ribs 799 times (10 hours)
– serve philly cheesesteak 499 times (18 hours)
– collect 15 merit badges
– collect 12 swimming lessons
– collect 15 bows and arrows

catering mission :

3 star rewards (3 days)
– 15 catering points
– 7500 cafe points
– 200,000 cafe coins
– roasted marshmallows recipe

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