Cafe World New Avatar

By | April 5, 2011

Cafe World New Avatar ! they’re here ! everyone in your cafe has a whole new look, check out your character now !
new avatar pop up in cafe world

Tonight cafe world will begin a slow rollout of our new Café World avatars. The entire process should take a few hours. The new avatars should look better and most importantly, make your gaming experience run more smoothly.

well i think the new avatar looks cute and funny facial expression (i think they’re using petville’s facial) though many players on the forum said it’s ugly ?

here’s the picture of Alexa83 avatar

you can still change some things like :
clothes :
shirts – pants – eye wear – shoes

face :
skin color – mouth – hair – hair color
nose – brows – eyes – eye color

but there’s an issue 🙁 we can’t click things behind the avatar
look on the picture – the red cross = unclickable, so i must wait until the avatar run to other side first 🙁

anyone else have this problem ?

  • htruc

    Yes, same problem here. It gets annoying waiting for them to move out of the way.

  • jimi

    The new avatars are so unattractive (UGLY) that you can’t tell male from female. Are they trying to disenfranchise players? A lot of my friends agree also—-The old Avatars Cafe World were overall better, they had more choice of facial expression, & more choice means more fun. Why would you arbitrarily decide what you think is cute for us????
    this is very Communistic not giving players a choice. You could have added the new popeye droopy face and let people make a choice FOR THEMSELVES! Fire the person who changed this they need to be let go! NOW! A lot of people will not play if they aren’t given a choice of how to fix the players. Their too ugly now. Bring back the old Avatar please.

  • AmberKid

    The characters are so UGLY!!!
    I miss my cute little round character. Now my avatar looks so…constipated. And boring!
    I don’t want to play the game anymore just because of this….they’re so horribly unattractive.
    Bring back the cute avatars!
    These new things, whatever they are, are uglier than the Southern end of a North-bound mule.

  • Gina Parks

    My Avatar looks bug-eyed crazy! Don’t like it.
    Very creepy and so not cute. We should have had a choice to choose this look.