Cafe World New Gift Box Search Bar

By | July 11, 2012

We have our new wonderful, searchable cafe world new gift box ! Now, you can say bye to all your disappearing gifts and see how close you are to the limit for gifts in the gift box.

Zynga is working hard to make your favorite game better than ever ! you can now search for your gifts through the easy-to-use search bar in the gift box.

here are the official guide from cafe world zynga support about this new feature :

So, what changed on my Gift Box in cafe world ?
– Your Gift Box can now hold 500 different gifts as a maximum by default.
– With a quick glance, you’ll know how close you are to the limit with the new display. As an example, if you have currently 400 gifts in your inbox, you’ll see 400/500.
– You now have a search function. You can search your gifts by their name.
– You can now sell INDIVIDUAL items, not just sell all.

Ok, so what happens if I currently have more than 500 items in my Gift Box ? Am I going to lose those gifts ?
You will not lose your gifts but, until space is cleared, you will not be able to accept any more.

What happens if I have 500 items and my friends send me more ? Can I still collect those gifts, are they lost or can I keep them in my message box until I have space in the Gift Box?
If your Gift Box already holds the maximum 500 items, you will receive an error message when trying to accept a new gift from a friend. Please note that this particular gift will be lost and cannot be recovered. However, you can keep the gifts in your inbox until you have space in your Gift Box.


What about all those times gifts simply disappeared from my Gift Box ?
No more. Now you will always know how up to capacity your Gift Box is and you will not be able to accept any more gifts if no space is available. During the transition time, and because we do not want you to lose any gifts, you may see your Gift Box above 500 items.
Again, please keep in mind that if you try to accept gifts from your inbox while there is no space in the Gif Box, they will be lost.

What do you mean with I can sell individual items ?
Chefs such as yourself gave us feedback saying they would like the option to sell one item at a time besides having the option to sell the whole of the Gift Box. So, we made this option available for you.

So, what are the advantages for me ?
1. Our system will no longer systematically discard gifts out of the Gift Box.
2. The performace when viewing/ working with your giftbox is SO MUCH better.
3. To be able to search your Gift Box will save time when trying to locate what you need and
4. You will be able to quickly sell an individual item.

Do all of the gifts count to the 500 limit ?
No, quest parts, Special Deliveries and Catering mission parts do not count towards the limit.