Cafe World New Years Bash Party 2012

By | December 28, 2011

There’s a new 2012 ball icon on your cafe today ! it’s time for cafe world new years bash party 2012 event !

there’s a new buildable ice sculpture with new years party goals

here’s how new years event works – pic thx to SmileyBears :
new years party
– Throw a successful new years party and you’ll be rewarded a 4x lightning stove
– Invite friends and decorate your cafe to increase your party score !
– Complete daily challenges to unlock limited edition decor !


new year’s bash
you can see the progress here :
– friends attending
– new years decor collected
– dishes unlocked
– new years catering bonus
– ice sculpture bonus

daily challenges
you need to serve dishes and collect items to unlock new food recipe and decoration
bright balloons – serve pinwheel cookies
unlocks : saucy pork carnitas + gold and silver balloons
confetti counts – collect pary hats
unlocks : pasta roses + confetti floor tile

gid :
5488 – Party Hats
5489 – Streamers
5490 – Glow Sticks
5491 – Limos
5492 – Umbrellas
5493 – Tiaras
5496 – Top Hats

deck the walls – serve 2-year anniversary cake
unlocks : chocolate bacon cookies + streamer wallpaper
it’s official – collect streamers
unlocks : crab remoulade + happy new year banner

totally tubular – serve pumpkin stew
unlocks : summer pork lettuce wraps + bubble tube
collect glow sticks
unlocks : blackened sea bass + countdown clock door

party lights – serve beef brisket
unlockes : mahi mahi skewers + paper lamp
festival of lights – collect limos
unlocks : sausage flatbread + light show

boogie down – serve palisade cake
unlocks : apricot stuffed chicken + dance floor
dj cafe – collect umbrellas
unlocks : chicken cannelloni + dj booth

upper class upholstery – serve tony’s classic pizza
unlocks : sweet tarter cornbread + vip chair
earn your spot – collect tiaras
unlocks : escarole rolls + vip table

classy counters – serve belgian waffles
unlocks : greek salad + vip counter
vip only – collect top hats
unlocks : steak aioli sandwich + vip stove

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  • F White

    Hello. I have tried to use the gid for the glow stick but have not been credited with any… 🙁 Have CW possibly blocked the gid for the new year’s bash?

  • d-bizzle

    Does anyone know how to get points by decorating your cafe? because ive baught some items and also used the things ive won on the daily challenge, but i havnt gotten any points :s can anyone help?