Cafe World OK Karaoke Catering Order

By | March 29, 2011

Cafe World OK Karaoke Catering Order ! Show off those golden pipes! Practice your singing and cater the OK Karaoke party at your Cafe!

ok karaoke in cafe world

You could earn a cutting edge Karaoke Machine decor item!

grab the mic and cater a party at klub karaoke ! this isn’t a solo act ! ask your friends to join your crew, a 3-star rating unlocks a karaoke machine for your cafe

ok karaoke catering order
serve sushi spread 160 times
serve atomic buffalo wings 150 times
serve ice cream sundae 175 times
collect 9 cds
collect 6 song lists
collect 6 microphones

rewards for 3 stars (5 days) :
12 catering points + 6300 cP + 160000 coins + cafe world karaoke machine

there are total of 21 items to asked for -.-” and the prize is not worthed~

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