Cafe World Open The Safe Cracker Goals

By | January 28, 2012

Amelia found a hidden safe in your cafe,open the safe to earn amazing prizes ! start cafe world safe cracker goals now
open the safe x3 times to claim all your prizes :
6 quest buster
20 instant thyme
4x 50% lightning stove

It’s possible to work on multiple safe latches at once, try working on more than one latch to speed up your progress

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers to help you complete the Safe quest:
Can I have more than one Safe?
No, you can only have one Safe. You can either build or buy the Safe.

Will there be a timer on the Safe quest?
No, there will not be a timer on the Safe quest so you can play the game at your own pace.

How many goals will there be?
It’s a 27-step quest that is divided into three parts. You can continue to do the quests after the 27th to continue to earn rewards!

How many times can I unlock the Safe?
You can unlock the safe as many times as you want. The often you unlock the Safe, the greater the rewards. Keep in mind that once you claim your prize from the Safe, it closes and locks!

here are the requirements :

first latch :
part 1 : simple lock goal
– ask for 6 stethoscope
– ask for 5 flashlights
– serve 50 random dishes

part 2 : listen closely goal
– ask for 12 pen
– ask for 9 paper
– serve 80 random dishes

part 3 : got it goal
– ask for 17 reading glasses
– serve 100 random dishes
– serve 50 random dishes

second latch
part 1 : the metal curtain goal
– ask for 6 drills
– ask for 5 drill bits
– serve 60 random dishes

part 2 : electric eye goal
– ask for 14 borescope
– ask for 9 power cord
– serve 55 random dishes

part 3 : punch it goal
– ask for 17 punch rod
– serve 140 random dishes
– serve 100 random dishes

third latch
part 1 : the relockers goal
– ask for 7 gloves
– ask for 6 screwdrivers
– serve 100 random dishes

part 2 : heat it up goal
– ask for 14 blowtorch
– ask for 10 construction lights
– serve 90 random dishes

part 3 : crack it goal
– ask for 18 plasma cutter
– serve 50 random dishes
– serve 50 random dishes

here are the gid for the safe cracker, but it’s not working.. dunno why.. i’m still checking maybe you need to ask manually this time πŸ™
5689 – Flashlight
5690 – Stethscope
5691 – Pen
5692 – Paper
5693 – Reading Glasses
5694 – Drill
5695 – Drill Bits
5696 – Power Cord
5697 – Punch Rod
5698 – Measuring Tape
5699 – Pencil
5700 – Borescope
5701 – Construction Lights
5702 – Glassses
5703 – Gloves
5704 – Screwdriver
5705 – Blowtorch
5706 – Plasma Cutter
5707 – The Safe HUD

new recipes you can unlock from this quest are :
– baked brie
– breakfast casserole
– crispy rainbow trout
– deviled eggs
– hot milk cake
– hummus
– london broil
– stuffed portabellas
– turkey legs

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  • Alvin

    I am not able to open the safe cracker and I keep experiencing connection lost for more than 1 day already


  • Whimsy

    Is this goal different than the others because of the way you access it? I was unsuccessful at receiving credit for the gids for any of the latches.

  • Puck

    Looks like they’ve set it up like the parts. We probably need gifters instead…

  • Jun

    Are the GIDs not working for this goal? Anyone has any solution for this?

  • xynz

    is their a chance that this gid will work??

  • Emm

    GID’s only work for the ‘ask’ part of the task. They don’t work for the ‘post’ parts. Food as normal.

  • Poon

    I tried. It doesn’t work for “ask” part of the task. Sad Story πŸ™

  • Winni

    me too, it doesnot work for ask part as well..
    too many task getting crazy now

  • anne m

    no gid, and to add to that, after you get the 4x stove, it resets, and you’re back to goal # 1, with spices as prizes

  • peewee

    how do you use the gid #’s. Is there a formula?

  • jamaine

    does anyone know if gifter links are posted anywhere? I looked on the facegamer and surf n learn but there was nothing