Cafe World Party Boat Cruise Catering Order

By | June 12, 2012

Complete all 3 parts of this cafe world party boat cruise catering order to earn a themed 50% stove !

this catering mission is the second part of summer festival 🙂

new recipes to unlock :
party boat cruise I : Seaweed Salad
party boat cruise II : Sauteed Octopus
party boat cruise III : Ginger Candy

catering campaign requirements :

Party Boat Cruise I catering order
Serve 400 Chicken Gyro and Fries
Serve 400 King Crab Bisque
Serve 150 Triple Berry Cheesecake
collect 15 Cocktail Napkins
collect 12 Nautical Table Cloths
collect 15 Plastic Glasses
Reward : Seaweed Salad

Party Boat Cruise II catering order
Serve 400 Angel Fruit Cake
Serve 400 Tempura Udon
Serve 150 Funky Monkey Pudding
collect 15 Eye Patches
collect 12 Peg Legs
collect 15 Stuffed Parrots
Reward : Sauteed Octopus recipe

Party Boat Cruise III catering order
Serve 400 Apple Crumble
Serve 400 Blood Sausage
Serve 150 Martian Brain Bake
collect 15 Dramamine
collect 12 Ginger Ale
collect 15 Life Jackets
reward : Ginger Candy recipe