Cafe World Pass The Dip Goal

By | January 25, 2011

Cafe World Pass The Dip Goal is the 3rd graduation mission in cafe world, and the rewards for this goal is a recipe that you will need for one of the catering order

pass the dip in cafe world

You didn’t learn this one in school ! surprise the graduates with a new, savory dip recipe that will knock their caps off.

in this goal you need to ask for your friends help to get these items :
– ask for 10 cups of mayo
– ask for 10 cups of parmesan cheese
– ask for 10 cups of chopped artichoke hearts

rewards : cafe world artichoke dip

Hint : dips are meant to be shared with friends ! ask your friends for the ingredients you need.

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  • sonali

    I want to finish the pass the dip do i do it?

  • Suniil

    u will have to ask for stuff from ur friends to complete the goal

  • fury

    how do i get to pass the dip goal? i dont see any where to find it so i can send the requests to friends 🙁

    • admin

      try to get the first requirement fullfilled then you should see this quest.. i hope 🙁

  • Cathy

    I can not find the pass the dip goal either

  • Rhonda C

    Pass the Dip goal is #3 in the Graduation Party quest.

  • christine

    Hello. I would like to do this pass the dip goal, but I don’t have an icon and any prompt to start a goal for this. Is this goal over with and I can not do it? Because I want to do some catering for me and my friend and the artichoke dip is one of the things I need to make.. Can you help? Thank you

    • admin

      hi christine, you need to finish the graduation quest first in order to unlock this part

  • christine

    The graduation quest requires to do the artichoke dip and I don’t have access to this..

    • admin

      have you finished all cravat goals ?

  • christine

    What is a cravat goal?

  • Eloisa

    I agree with all you frustrated people who have NOT found a way to unlock the stupid pass the dip goal. It says ask your friends, well there is NO way to ask your friends for the ingredients. Is there No one to help. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Eloisa

    hay everbody, i wrote to zynga and told them how i couldn’t open up the pass the dip goal, or should I say, that I did not have it, and they were able to to open it for me in my account. find the support phone number and se d them an e-mail. it works hurray

  • Lloyd

    Hey Eloisa, I just went to the zynga website and was unable to find their contact information if you could email me with the info that would be great thanks. Lloyd: