Cafe World Pending Neighbor Requests

By | October 15, 2009

Cafe World Pending Neighbor Requests. This will explain about the pending neighbor request, because there’s still many player confuse about this. Like how to delete pending neighbor request ?
See this guide okay 🙂

If you and your buddy are:
Friends on Facebook, and have sent Neighbor invitations to each other in Cafe World

… yet you still see “Pending Request” next to your buddy’s name on the Cafe World “My Neighbors” page, ask your friend to check his Facebook Requests page to make sure that the invitation has been accepted on both ends.

If he or she is hazy on where this page is, try giving the user this link via Facebook chat or message:

Likewise, if your friend says that your info still displays as pending on her page, you will want to check your Facebook Requests page to make sure that you do not have outstanding requests.

How to delete pending neighbor request ? because my friend didn’t receive the request from me 🙁
A user has offered a workaround for the following Pending Neighbor situation:
You have a Facebook Friend whom you have issued a Neighbor Request to, yet your Friend has not received a Request notification and now his name is stalled out as Pending.

The workaround is:
Scroll to the bottom of the “My Neighbors” screen to the portion below the invite checkmarks section and use the “Invite By Email” field to send a second invitation to your friends email account.
If you do not know your friend’s email address, the Facebook messaging or chat features can be used to obtain the information.

Update : Now you can remove pending neighbor request 🙂 please see cafe world remove neighbor for more informations.

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    so you are saying that there is not a way to delete a friend invite. I have several that have never responded. I’m assuming that they just deleted the request on thier end. So I would like the option to delete the request or resend button. Any other way to get this pending request off the list?

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