Cafe World Phone a Friend Goals

By | September 23, 2011

Get fabulous prizes ! use the red phone booth to gather your travel buddies and get double travel pass so you’ll have a bigger chance to win Cafe World 2 Year Anniversary Sweepstakes! also finish 3 cafe world phone a friend goals

Thank God this item is NOT buildable 😛 you only need to ask your friends to respond your post on their wall

Call up travel buddies with your new Red Phone booth and get a bonus on the travel passes you earn!

requirements :

part 1: phone a friend 1 goal
– place red phone booth
– serve 12 biscuits of tomorrow
– call 3 friends from your phone booth

get enough friends and you can double the amount of travel passes you earn instantly!

as you can see with the red phone booth you can post message to your friends wall and ask to become a travel buddies, and these friends will get a special surprise when they return to their cafe!

rewards for calling travel buddies :
– crispy egg rolls
– ivory lightning
– pineapple cake
– double travel pass

part 2: phone a friend 2 goal
– call 6 friends from your phone booth
– spice 10 neighbors’ stoves
– serve 10 napoleon’s napoleon

part 3: phone a friend 3 goal
– call 10 friends from your phone booth
– spice 10 neighbors’ stoves
– serve 15 basil finger sandwiches

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  • barb

    after first getting phone booth travel buddies were there, i was able to click on them and know when i go to do the tasks there is nobody in the phone booth. i set it up days ago.. Is anybody else having these problems.

  • Leonie

    I have got this Problem after finishing goal 1, too.
    Makes me crazy, can’t do anything

  • Sheila

    I can’t figure out how to call a friend from the phone booth its making me crazy. Does anyone have any suggestions

  • Jackie

    I am also having the same problem, Some how I’ve got 8 but I don’t know how?But I have been on the third mission for 3 days trying to get 2 phone calls

  • christiaan

    i have problems posting my messages from travel buddies.i dont know what the problem is.every time i send it .its calling but no messages to them .how?

  • Olli

    If the one, you are phoning, has blocked CW postings it is not possible to phone him.
    Even if the one is only your NB but not or not any more your friend in FB it won’t work.
    Then it is time to check your NB’s

  • Danielle

    I’m wondering where the double travel pass is located? I’ve unlocked the rewards, but can’t find where the travel pass is.

  • Lynn

    I have the same problem. Can’t do a thing. Keep trying though.

  • sue

    Im really having problems with this quest too, have been trying for ages to get my last phone call to complete 2nd level and have definately got people to reply but nothing.