Cafe World Pizza Oven Goals

By | February 23, 2011

Cafe World Pizza Oven Goals ! there are 3 pizza that you can unlock by completing the pizza goal

chef piero in cafe world

I’m chef piero. I’m in town for a few days, and i heard your cafe is the place to eat. If you have a pizza oven, we could trade recipes

here are the list of pizza oven goals in cafe world :

Part I : cafe world pie in the sky goal
Chef piero is famous for his pizza and he’s just made a reservation for your cafe. Install a pizza oven and impress him with your skills !
– place your pizza oven
– serve 3 cheeseburger
– serve 3 Clubhouse sandwiches
hint : the pizza oven allows you to cook new speciality recipes ! build yours and start baking ! you could earn a chance to add your own pizza recipe to cafe world !

Part II : cafe world pizza preparation goal
Piero will be here soon and your pizza oven is still in pieces. Finish building your pizza oven and prepare for your guest’s arrival
– complete building the cafe world pizza oven
– collect 3 cups of flour
– spice 3 neighbors
hint : ask your friends to pitch in and help build your pizza oven

Part III : cafe world pizza party goal
Piero wants a party atmosphere when he arrives at your cafe. Invite some friends and tell them to come hungry !
– get 5 party hats
– cook 5 pizza margheritas
– serve ginger ale 15 times
hint : using spice will reduce pizza cook time and get you through your goals even faster !

Part IV : cafe world the perfect slice goal
Piero has arrived ! Whip up a pizza masterpiece that’ll make him sit up and take notice !
– cook pizza margherita 2 times
– collect 5 tomatoes
– collect 8 sausages
reward : cafe world sausage deep dish pizza

Part V : cafe world a second slice goal
Piero loved your pizza, and he’s coming back tomorrow to try another slice ! Put together a new recipe that will surprise him
– cook sausage deep dish pizza 5 times
– collect 5 tomatoes
– collect 10 sticks of pepperoni
rewards : cafe world pepperoni pizza

Part VI : cafe world practice making pizza goal
Piero is so happy with your hospitality that he’s willing to teach you his world-famous speciality pie, but you must master your pizzas first !
– cook pepperoni pizza 5 times
– cook sausage deep dish pizza 5 times
– cook pizza margherita 5 times
hint : use your spice cabinet ! some spices will speed up cooking time, or even instantly finish a dish !

Part VII : cafe world world famous pizza goal
Piero has agreed to teach you his famous recipe, but he needs the following ingredients :
– collect 12 sausages
– collect 12 mozzarellas
– cook sausage deep dish pizza 5 times
rewards : cafe world meat craver’s pizza

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  • Bettina

    Just a hint (and this is for all the goals):
    COOK – it means, just put it in the oven, you don´t have to finish it (throw it away).
    SERVE – you´ll have to cook and THEN serve.

    It´s helping to get things quickier. ;D

  • Bettina

    Of course… With the dishes with low time of cooking, you can´t throw it away…