Cafe World Platinum Stove Catering Order

By | October 3, 2012

Finish 3 cafe world platinum stove catering order to unlock new dishes !

accomplish buck’s catering campaign to earn new recipes :
Balsamic Turkey Salad
Melon and Mint Salad
Choco-dip Strawberry

here are the catering mission requirements :
Cater The Platinum Trade Show
Serve 999 Gem Cake
Serve 899 Sisig
Serve 799 Voodoo chicken Salad
Collect 15 Platinum Microphone
Collect 15 Platinum Website
Collect 12 Platinum DVD
Reward dish : Balsamic Turkey Salad

Cater The Platinum Infomercial
Serve 999 Crackling Peking Duck
Serve 899 Clubhouse Sandwich
Serve 799 Shepherd’s Pie
Collect 15 Platinum Director Chair
Collect 15 Platinum Spotlight
Collect 12 Platinum Audience Pass
Reward dish : Melon and Mint Salad

Cater The Platinum Release Party
Serve 999 Funky Monkey Pudding
Serve 899 Spitfire Roasted Chicken
Serve 799 Homestyle Pot Roast
Collect 15 Platinum Turntable
Collect 15 Platinum Disco Ball
Collect 12 Platinum Champagne
Reward dish: Choco-dip Strawberry

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