Cafe World Platinum Stove Goals

By | October 2, 2012

Your amazing new platinum mega stove is ready to go ! Begin cafe world platinum stove goals to place it and start adding burners !

Buck Bradshaw is here with the brand new Platinum 6x Ultra Stove! Complete buck bradshaw’s goals to earn your new 6x ultra stove 🙂

click on the ‘place it’ button to place your new mega stove in your cafe and start unlocking burners ! you may have to move an old stove out first.

requirements help for Buck’s Platinum Rush :

quest 1 : place platinum goal
– place your platinum stove

quest 2 : platinum stove goal
– ask for 6 platinum metal plates
– serve 30 random dishes
– ask for 5 platinum bolts

platinum stove gid :
9369 Platinum Canister
9370 Platinum Multi-tool
9371 Platinum Hammer
9372 Platinum Nuts and Bolts
9373 Platinum Stove Polish
9374 Platinum scrub Brush
9379 Platinum Metal Plates
9380 Platinum Bolts
9381 Platinum Circuits
9382 Platinum Displays
9383 Platinum Wiring
9384 Platinum Gas Pipes
9385 Platinum Control Knobs
9386 Platinum Handles
9387 Platinum Drip Pans
9388 Platinum Thermostats
9389 Platinum Heating Coils
9390 Platinum Burner Rings
9391 Platinum Motors
9392 Platinum Microphone
9393 Platinum Website
9394 Platinum DVD
9395 Platinum Director Chair
9396 Platinum Spotlight
9397 Platinum Audience Pass
9398 Platinum Turntable
9399 Platinum Disco Ball
9400 Platinum Champagne

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