Cafe World Pot o’ Gold

By | March 7, 2011

Cafe World Pot o’ Gold is one of the requirement for part 6 of cafe world st patrick’s day goals

have 1 pot of gold in cafe world

in cafe world irish sing-a-long goal you must have 1 pot o’gold

how to get pot o’ gold in cafe world ?
you must trade in patty’s day collection – reward for completion : pot o’ gold + 50 cafe points, get the collectible items by cooking cafe world irish stew

patty’s day collection

you will see this pop up when you trade in
You’ve just turned in the patty’s day (limited time) collection ! As a reward you’ve received pot o’ gold and 50 CP ! would you like to tell your friends and share additional rewards with them ?

now where to find pot of gold in cafe world ?
first close your cafe world after you trade in and open it again, go to page 2 of decoration
you will see 9.999 cash item 😛 Pot o’ Gold !

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