Cafe World Prep for the New Year Goal

By | December 29, 2010

Cafe World Prep for the New Year Goal ! one of the new goal for new years 2011 in cafe world

prep for the new year in cafe world

before you can welcome a new year, you’ve still got so much to do this year ! only expert chefs can get it all done

to prepare for the new year on cafe world you must :
earn 90000 coins
spice 30 neighbor stoves
prepare 200 stuffed mushrooms


the requirement is quite… awesome ? lol because you must prepare 200 stuffed mushrooms

stuffed mushrooms is cost 1800 coins and ready in 1 day, but it only need to ‘prepare’ not ‘serve’ right ?

so the fastest way without paying cash is to prepare and throw out the dish.. you only lose out some money (1800 x 200 = 360,000 coins) 😛

anyway.. just finish cafe world new years party goals first, and do this quest later

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