Cafe World Professor Burke Statue From Farmers Insurance

By | September 27, 2011

Want to win the cooking trip of a lifetime? Farmers Insurance has teamed up with Café World to host any foodie’s dream sweepstakes.

And they’re giving out Spoil Insurance : cafe world professor burke statue to protect your food from spoiling for a whole week.

when you entering your cafe today, you’ll see this pop up :
Place your professor nathaniel burke, insurance professor at the university of farmers, has you covered. Placing professor burke grants you NO SPOIL on all dishes until October 2nd.


Put the statue and you’ll see another pop up :
you have spoil insurance! professor burke and farmers insurance have you covered, since you have insurance, your dishes won’t spoil until october 2nd
we are insurance. we are farmers

anyway.. don’t you think burke looks like J.K Simmons ?
j.k. simmons
if you don’t know him, he’s an actor playing as vernon schillinger in oz, and j. jonah jameson in spider man

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xxx id getting help from proffesor burke and farmers insurance and will not have to worry about dishes spoiling for a limited time! xxx wants to celebrate and share rewards with all their friends!


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