Cafe World Proposal Joe Goals

By | August 11, 2011

Joe’s Proposing to his dream girl ! Joe wants to propose to lisa, but he needs your help in cafe world proposal joe goals

Joe Espresso and Lisa Latte’s proposal will be released slowly this afternoon.

Note that the dishes that you are required to cook will vary from player to player. More often than not, it will choose dishes for you that you have yet to master.

and remember these are limited time mission, there are 8 quest and you will unlock 3 new recipes :

part 1 : poposal joe goal
– place chocolate station (use gift links send parts faster)
– serve 10 coffee cakes
– serve 10 belgian waffles

part 2 : the dish wish goal
– serve 10 california sushi rolls
– serve 15 artichoke dips
– collect 5 irises (gid:3968)

part 3 : diamonds are for now goal
– collect 7 beef filets (gid:3969)
– collect 7 cups of coffee beans
– serve 8 spaghetti and meatballs
reward : coffee-crusted filet

part 4 : advice of the irish goal
– serve 20 pita and dolmas
– collect 5 shamrocks
– cook 10 coffee-crusted filets

part 5 : go go cocoa goal
– complete level 1 mastery for coffee-crusted filet
– collect 8 sticks of butter (gid:3972)
– collect 2 bars of white chocolate (gid:3975)
reward : white truffles

part 6 : twin theory goal
– serve ginger ale 18 times
– serve gourmet blend 18 times
– collect 5 mixing bowls

part 7 : joe’s ringing idea goal
– collect 3 bags of chocolate nibs
– collect 9 dark chocolate bars (gid:3976)
– complete level 1 mastery of chocolate caramels
reward : chocolate art

part 8 : the perfect ring goal
– complete level 2 mastery of coffee-crusted filet
– collect 9 cups of coffee beans (gid:3970)
– complete level 1 mastery of mocha truffles

continue to proposal part 2 (coming soon)

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  • Delecti Cafe

    again we have different sets of food to serve

  • D’s Cafe

    I just got to Part 2: The Dish Wish and it says I have to cook 10 Creamy Corn Soup & 15 Fruit and Jelly Molds & collect 5 Irises.

  • pipay cafe

    looks like the dishes are not the same for everyone again. for goal # 1, i got mother’s day feast and california sushi roll 🙁

  • arlene

    are you all sure that these goals will work,,? i don’t wanna waste my time achieving the goals if these wont work..coz i’m not able to complete grandma’s lost and super lost pages because of goal the needs to serve 1 and 3 dishes from pastry station(all my dish in pastry station is not counting, even using instant thyme or not, and even with full crew or not..)and the stupid days left are counting.,

  • mumay

    part 3: same requirements except i gotta cook 8 in flight meal

  • Abraham

    looks like the food will be random, what depends is the amount

    I got for the first mission choco scotch clusters & truffle popcorn, for the second coffee cakes & creamy corn soup, I did biscuits & gravy for the third one wonder what’ll be next

  • sharon

    goal #1 for me is egg hunt carrot cake and crab spring rolls

  • abbie

    is there extra time for the proposal part 2?