Cafe World Pumpkin Seeds

By | October 24, 2011

Lot of players stuck on part 6 of ameilias treats goals where it requires to serve taste lab dish with cafe world pumpkin seeds

reward from amelia’s treats 4 : pumpkin seeds

here are some problems and answers that i found on cafe world forums :
i do not have pumpkin seeds in my signature dishes or cook book, where or how to get pumpkin seeds in cafe world?
find pumpkin seeds in the Taste Lab as an ingredient under ‘herbs and spices’

The pumpkin seeds go into the ‘Herbs and Spices’ section of the taste lab, and that section of ingredients only unlocks when you have progressed one taste lab dish to a signature dish. – Emms Cafe

you can edit one of your other ones to add the pumpkin seeds :
click on your cookbook, then taste lab/signature dish whichever you want to edit) and on the side you youll see four buttons one of them is edit.
click it and you can add you pumpkin seeds! thats what I did! – musicnmisery


You can only edit using the seeds if you make one of your dishes a “signature”. The ingredients part for me is still locked because not enough people gave me feedback (that’s what happens when all your friends quit playing!) – shemaur

in order to use the pumpkin seeds you need to have one dish made signature (20 feedbacks and serve it 45 times).

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  • Mark

    IT WORKED! You just saved me a lot of frustration! Thank you so much for the post!