Cafe World Puppy Surprise Goals

By | August 25, 2012

Complete the Cafe World Puppy Surprise Goals quest line to win a 4x Mega Stove!

Grandma’s dog is having puppies ! Help her prepare for the new arrivals and earn a new 4x ultra stove !

requirements :

part 1: puppy surprise goal
– place your puppy surprise 4x mega stove
– serve 20 random dishes
– ask for 3 dog tags


like you guess the gid won’t work anymore 🙁 here’s the official statement on the forum :
“At the Café World studio it has been our continuous endeavor to make the game more enjoyable for all our players. This can only happen if the playing field is level – everyone plays by the same rules. Recently we discovered a bunch of third party tools/ websites that were exploiting parts of our game. Some players have used these tools to progress through the game faster than others. This is unfair to the majority of our players and we will spare no effort in plugging these exploits.

We understand that some of the tasks in the game might be difficult for a few players and this may have been the reason why they resorted to these third party tools. We will make sure that from our end we make this beloved game as playable and aspirational as possible – for all players.

We deeply care for Café World and its players and look forward to suggestions from the community to make the game better.

Thanks, The Cafe World Team”

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  • Nathalie

    Hello Can you continue to put the GID or tell me how to find them? thank you

  • nansi

    could we have the gid’s anyways there is a way to make them work its just not as easy as it was is all!

  • m_pappas

    Found these, hope they help… Please don’t stop posting the GIDS, we may find a way to use them after all 🙂

    Dog Tags 7577
    Envelope 7582
    Highlighter 8196
    Dog House 7576
    Dog Food 7651
    Broom 7642
    Garbage Bag 8174

  • Carlos

    Tell us please the other way…

  • m_pappas

    The rest of the GIDS!

    Bottles of Water 7641
    Towels 7625
    Treats 7667
    Collars 7572
    Tomatos 7665
    Celery 7647
    Party Hat 7657
    Candle 7644

  • Cat

    dog tags 7577;
    envelopes 7582;
    Highlighters 8196;
    dog house 7576,
    dog food 7651;
    brooms 7642,
    garbage bags 8174
    bottles of water 7641,
    Towels 7625;
    treats 7667,
    collar 7572
    celery 7647

  • anne m

    Hi, Is there a way to use the gid still?