Cafe World Quest Easier

By | April 26, 2011

Cafe World Quest Easier ? because there are some changes not only on the goals but also on the news feed, well i’m not talking about how many goals that we got each week or requirements for them

for you who plays cafe world “normaly” i think you will be happy because if you look on the goal that requires you to serve some dishes, now it got get servings button

where we can ask our friends to send the dishes, so we don’t really need to cook but serve

in the item request that you need to ask and select friends to send request also changed ! now you need to post the request on news feed so your friends can help and friends who send you the item got 1 free item

nice changes right 😀

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  • Brittany

    This is a GREAT addition. Once you finish the Easter and/or the 2ND Fry Goals, you will get 1000 coins and 500 cafe points every time you help send the butter, heavy cream, spider strainers, etc, instead of getting whatever you sent. I got around 20,000 in cafe points yesterday simply from sending people these things. It’s fantastic ^_____^