Cafe World Red & Gold Hearts Gift Shop Rewards

By | February 13, 2012

Collect cafe world red hearts and gold hearts from valentines day goals and got to the gift shop to ‘buy’ some rewards with hearts !

What can I do with the Hearts I’ve collected ?
You can spend the hearts at the Gift Shop, which can be accessed through the To-Do list.

Where can I earn Gold Hearts ?
Gold Hearts can be earned through completing the Valentine’s Day Event quest.

What is the Gift Shop ?
The Gift Shop (which can be accessed through the To-Do list) will allow you to purchase items or more hearts. Some items in the Gift Shop can be purchased multiple times, while others are limited.

What is the Chocolate Box ?
The Chocolate Box will display an assortment of fancy chocolates. You can pick one chocolate per 12 hours and you will win a random prize.

Will I be able to access the Gift Shop and Chocolate Box after the Valentine’s Day Event expires ?
Yes, you will be able to access the Gift Shop and the Chocolate Box, but for a limited time after the Valentine’s Day event expires. It’s best to spend all of your Red and Gold Hearts before the event expires to insure that you can buy items before the option is gone.

here are the list of rewards you can buy with heart :
red heart prizes :
the love chair : 10 red hearts
romantic wall : 2red hearts
romantic counter : 10red hearts
heart carpet : 1 red hearts
valentine window : 15 red hearts
elegant heart chair : 10 red hearts
lovely wall : 2 red hearts
true love counter : 10 red hearts
passionate tile : 1 red hearts
heart window : 15 red hearts
onehour thyme : 10 red hearts
mastery mint : 15 red hearts
valentine table : 25 red hearts
salvage sage : 10 red hearts
fiery heart stove : 20 red hearts
sweetheart door : 50 red hearts
sixhour thyme : 15 red hearts
lovely 10% lightning (stove) : 50 red hearts
engagement chicken : 50 red hearts

gold heart prizes :
chocolate waffles : 1 gold hearts
pomegranate duck : 1 gold hearts
bananas foster : 1 gold hearts
lovely 4x lightning (stove) : 16 gold hearts
lovely 50% lightning (stove) : 2 gold hearts
cappuccino souffle for 2 : 1 gold hearts
oysters on the half shell : 1 gold hearts
6 pack bundle : 3 gold hearts
5 quest buster : 1 gold hearts
5 mastery maestro : 1 gold hearts
25 instant thyme : 3 gold hearts

  • Terrence

    the lovely 4x lightning (stove) which is for 16 GOLD hearts has been changed to 4x ultra (stove) — this is the same as 4x-50% stove. is this correct?