Cafe World Renaissance Feast Catering Order

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Cafe World Renaissance Feast Catering Order ! Hark ! ‘Tis the hour for a renaissance fair feast !

To learn the royal feast, trade in the simple dinnerware collection. Rally your friends to earn a 3-star rating and learn a meaty turkey leg recipe

renaissance feast catering mission :
serve royal feast 216 times
serve dino drumstick 284 times
serve blood sausage 88 times
collect 21 victorian dresses
collect 21 victorian hats

3 star rewards (3 days) :
12 catering points + 6200 CP + 75000 coins + olde turkey leg

tips :
royal feast = 12 hours cooking
dino drumstick = 13 hours cooking
blood sausage = 6 hours cooking
total of 42 ask request to your friends for victorian dress and victorian hat :(

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