Cafe World Requests, Gifts and Loading Error

By | July 26, 2011

I’m having a lot of connection problem for cafe world recently, but not for other zynga games and finally now it solved and fixed.. they said it’s because i’m having a lot of gift request

after retrying.. on the loading bar, usually i got another pop up :

Connection Lost
There was a problem with the game connection. Refresh the game and continue playing !

i sent a lot of complain asking what problems with cafe world and got the answered

Here’s what Pinky Chefcadero – Community Manager on cafe world forum says :
Recently, we have received more complaints about loading and “Retrying” errors. After some investigation, we found that some player’s accounts (including my own) would not load because the account was back-logged with requests of all types.

We also have heard complaints about gifts disappearing, slow gameplay and error messages when accepting gifts or requests.

In order to try to fix this situation and let many players back in the game, we are making some changes to the way information is stored.

Catering Orders :
Requests to join your catering crew will expire in 7 days. We felt this was not going to be a problem, since Catering Orders end in 3 to 5 days. On your end, this will just keep your account from being overloaded with requests for orders you’ve already finished.

Crew Requests :
These will also expire in 7 days. This shouldn’t affect your current gameplay since the first people who accept join the crew. After 7 days, these particular requests will expire. By 7 days, these requests usually receive the “crew full” message.

Gift Requests :
Gift Requests will expire in 14 days. Please accept all your gift requests as soon as possible. Currently, gifts remaining in the request area longer than 14 days are causing error messages and “Retrying” messages due to a backlog of content.

Gift Box :
Most players will not experience issues with their gift box, however, for people with over 500 unique gifts, the oldest gifts will start to expire. The reason the oldest gifts will expire is so your gift box will not fill up, making new requests impossible to accept. Accepting newer gifts allows you to complete current missions.

*** Unique gifts mean, for example, cheeseburgers, cheesecake, etc., within each dish SERVINGS will be stacked to contain many servings.***

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  • Ruthie Kraft

    None of the requests are going to the people I am asking, when will this be fixed?

    Ruthie Kraft

  • LindaDavis

    I am unable to log into cafe world ,i was yesterday but all day i have been trying to log in and i can,t log in

  • LindaDavis

    When will this issue be fixed or how long will it take.

  • Jeannette Fridley

    I have sent many request to have cafe world fixed. I have spent alot of money and time and would like to play the game. Fix it please. I can send gift but I cannot log into the game!!

  • coral

    when i am playing on cafe world it says level 4 i need to complete on cheddar mashed potatoes i look in the cook book and says all done and so can’t finish my mission. please help, ty