Cafe World Roasting Pit Links

By | September 19, 2011

I think some players already see the hint of the second functional item for cafe world 2nd anniversary event, it’s cafe world roasting pit !

it’s buildable, so you need to help manny the filipino chef on cafe world manny’s journey goals and manny’s mobile meal catering order to finish it by collecting bags of coal, steel plates, roasting sticks, and roasting pit stones

The roasting pit helps access new filipino recipes and increases mastery by +1 point each time you serve a filipino dish!

you can look the hint first on the 2-year anniversary pop up, and the second time when you click fireworks button
you’ll see a tooltips :
fireworks show! complete the high tea table and roasting pit to access! so this still unreleased, but you can see the gid first 🙂

use these gift links to send roasting pit parts faster
Bags of Coal link

Steel Plates link

Roasting Sticks link

Roasting Pit Stones link

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