Cafe World Rock The Boat

By | June 12, 2012

Build a seaworthy vessel with cafe world rock the boat and win a 6x mega stove as reward 🙂

earn a cool ocean themed 6x ultra stove ! you’ll need your friend’s help, but building a boat is your summer dream.

each time you finish one of the ten stages you’ll earn an amazing reward ! complete them all and collect spices, dishes and finally a 6x mega stove !

parts to collect :
Piece of Wood
Riffler Rasp
Bucket of Paint
Block Plane
Fishing Pole

rock the boat materials with 10 stages to complete

rewards :
Stage 1: 2 Six Hour Thyme
Stage 2: 3 Six Hour Thyme
Stage 3: Moby Duck Recipe
Stage 4: 3 Mastery Mint
Stage 5: 4 Six Hour Thyme
Stage 6: Captain A’s Halibut Recipe
Stage 7: 3 Quest Buster Thyme
Stage 8: 2 Instant Thyme
Stage 9: Pea-Cod Stew Recipe
Stage 10: Ocean 6x Mega Stove