Cafe World Romeo’s Lunch Catering Order

By | July 30, 2012

Help grandpa with cafe world romeo’s lunch catering order !
Grandpa’s old gang is planning to have a splendid lunch together. Stories and recipes will be shared !
Cater the lunch and earn new recipes :
8303 Steak Egg Browns
8304 AvoEggs With Chorizo
8305 BLT with Sprouts

catering campaign requirements :

Remeo’s Lunch I
Serve 700 Stuffed Turkey
Serve 500 Crackling Peking Duck
Serve 600 Voodoo Chicken Salad
Collect 15 Atm Cards
Collect 15 Dollar Bills
Collect 12 Bank Receipts
Reward : Steak Egg Browns recipe

Remeo’s Lunch II
Serve 700 Steak Egg Browns
Serve 500 Chicken Adobo
Serve 600 Baklava
Collect 15 Tanks of Gas
Collect 15 Seatbelts
Collect 12 Car Key
Reward : AvoEggs with Chorizo recipe

Remeo’s Lunch III
Serve 799 Steak Egg Browns
Serve 699 AvoEggs with Chorizo
Serve 599 Clubhouse Sandwich
Collect 15 Tables
Collect 15 Restaurant Checks
Collect 12 Chairs
Reward dish : BLT with Sprouts recipe