Cafe World Royal Collection

By | January 13, 2011

Cafe World Royal Collection is one of the collections that you need to complete for finish exam goal in cafe world, one of cafe world white cravat goals

royal collection in cafe world

how to get royal collection in cafe world ?
you can find royal collection items from cooking beef wellington

You also need to have 1 royal utensil holder that related with royal collection 😛 Complete the royal collection and trade it in for a cafe world royal utensil holder. Click your collectios cabinet to check your status

cafe world royal collection items :
royal food processor
royal tablespoon
royal saucepan
royal spatula
royal paring knife

reward for completion : royal utensil holder + 75 CP
hint : cook beef wellington to find these

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  • Sandi

    I have finished the collection finally, but I cannot find the royal utensil holder. I have looked under decoration and windows and doors and wall paper but no utensil rack. I got the cavat holder but this is driving me crazy after trying for so long to finish this item.