Cafe World Sailing the Seas Goals Set Sail

By | October 17, 2012

Set Sail ! Grab your first class tickets in cafe world sailing the seas goals and set sail to mexico to win a 4x ultra stove !

Help daniella make her dreams come true and earn a new sailing the seas 4x ultra stove !

there are 3 dishes you can unlock from these VIP missions :
– pollo oaxaca
– sweet corn tomalito
– flan mexicano

quest 1: Sailing the Seas Goal
– place your sailing the seas 4x ultra stove
– serve 20 random dishes
– ask for 4 bandanas

Who can play this quest?
The quest “Set Sail” is exclusive for our VIP members. While everyone can see the Icon only VIP members will receive the goals and a chance to earn the main reward.


How much time will I have to complete “Set Sail”?
The quest will be available until October, 27th 5.59 pm PST.

What will be the reward I can earn?
You will be able to earn an exclusive 4x Ultra Stove with VIP Badge.

Where do I find my stove?
You will be able to place your stove when you start the quest and unlock the burners step by step.

quest 2: Dock of the bay Goal – pollo oaxaca recipe
quest 3: Im on a boat Goal
quest 4: Kiss the dolpins Goal – sweet corn tomalito recipe
quest 5: Como estas Goal
quest 6: Seek the pyramids Goal – flan mexicano recipe
quest 7: Cliff diving Goal
quest 8: Carnival Goal