Cafe World Salad Bar Goals

By | January 28, 2011

Cafe World Salad Bar Goals ! there’s a new buildable item with 5 new goal series

salad bar goals in cafe world

here are the list of cafe world salad bar goal :

Cafe World Salad Bar I
Your customers are eager to try your salad bar. Build your salad bar today !
– place your salad bar
– complete the salad bar
– stock your salad bar
rewards : 100 coins + 100 CP
hint : place your salad bar in a spot where a lots of customers walk by. Click on the salad bar to stock it

Cafe World Salad Bar II
An empty salad bar equals an empty belly for your customers
– serve 5 voodoo chicken salad
– earn 1000 coins
– restock salad bar 2 times
rewards : 200 coins + 200 CP
hint : come back often to restock your salad bar

Cafe World Salad Bar III
Fill your bar with a salad staple. Refreshing cucumbers will give your salads some crunch !
– unlock cucumbers
– earn 5000 coins
– restock salad bar 5 times
rewards : 300 coins + 300 CP

Cafe World Salad Bar IV
Yellow onions pack a crisp, spicy punch that will bring any salad to life. There’s a spot for them on your salad bar, so stock up !
– unlock yellow onions
– earn 10000 coins
– restock salad bar 10 times
rewards : 600 coins + 600 CP
Hint : combine a fully stocked salad bar with a working drink bar to turn a simple meal into a coin bonanza !

Cafe World Salad Bar V
it’s said that’s carrots improve your eyesight. That may or may not be true, but they certainly improve a salad bar !
– unlock baby carrots
– earn 20000 coins
– restock salad bar 20 times
rewards : 800 coins + 800 CP
hint : get your friends in on the action ! the more friends you ask for help, the faster you’ll get your salad bar fully stocked

special thx to di for this 🙂

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