Cafe World Saving Problems Solutions

By | November 28, 2009

Cafe World Saving Problems Solutions. Since the last expansion – Bountiful Cafe Expansion there seems a saving problems for cafe world players.

You can see many comments in Cafe World Zynga, Cafe World Guide, Cafe World Tips and Tricks asking the same question about this save problems, many of them can’t save after they made changed like update decorations, stove, counters etc…

I have searched and still haven’t found a best solutions for this not saving glitch in cafe world.. but maybe you can try some solutions from other players and zynga support here :

Saving Solution by Barbearian
I found out the source of the problem. It’s simple though >_>

Here when you start the game…

please ignore the money I found it on internet

When you buy next expansion it turn into…

WOOHOOO bigger place!! Everything looks good nothing bad to the eyes (that the problem!!)
That when the bug coming out…
You should have something like this when you do expand..

Eye sore huh?… Yeah… plain flooring – those gray tile and plain wall
(notice you have it in your inventory)
Try to change it to original state (that means… remove all the tile(expansion tile – wood one into the one you should have – plain gray tile || and || the wall too change it from blue to plain white wall)

and voila! the bug is fixed!

do your job, SAVE IT!!

visit your neighbor and back to cafe, it’s save and start to design your cafe for permanent!

Happy Refurnish your cafe!

ps : Image belong to rightful owner =D especially the first one… and sorry for my bad english

too make short….

check your inventory..
are there new item you didn’t buy… especially tile and wallpaper… (the amount is same like your expansion) on my pictures it should be 2 plain (white) wallpapers and 18 grey tiles

I hope that fix your problem…

I already told Zynga Team about this ^^ I think they working on it

(EDIT) if you do it correctly after you save, the item will disappear from your inventory

solutions from Syber :
I finally managed to solve this problem. So happy

Here’s what i did.
1) I removed everything (decorations, chairs and tables) in the cafe except for stoves and counters, saved the game and refresh – Failed after 2 tries.
2) This morning, i tried again.
a) Only remove the wall decorations (doors removed too) and floor decorations (Tables, chairs, stoves and counters untouched)
b) Change the “bountiful expansion cafe” flooring and walls to wooden flooring (original floor) and white walls (original wall)
c) Did not save or refresh. Just went to visit a neighbour. Tried her food and came back to my cafe again. This time round, all the changes i made from points 1 and 2 remain.
d) Proceed to make all my changes and after all changes done, saved the game. I refresh the page and its my dream cafe as i want it.

Hope this helps some of you out there. Good luck cafe owners

My Solution to the Expansion Bug from bobcatx :
My Cafe is finally saving and working!
My solution was inspired by MirandaB from the other solution thread.

Here’s how I did it :
– Open your inventory. You should find an extra concrete tile in there (unless you have other concrete slabs).

– Place this tile on the position of your cafe, at 11 x 11. Count 11 tiles to the right from the top of your cafe, then go down 11. (to be honest, I am not sure if it was really 11 x 11 because I already replaced the tile when this was fixed but it was near that area)

– I noticed that there was this Gray Flagstone tile there that I didn’t place before. So I replaced it with the concrete tile. The Gray Flagstone tile went back to my inventory. I saved my cafe hoping it would work.

– I loaded it again, the concrete tile was still where I placed it at my cafe, and the Gray Flagstone disappeared from my inventory. I tried modifying my cafe, placing other objects, and it saved!

I hope this helps others who also have this problem.

Solutions from Cafe world forums :
“I purchased the Bountiful Cafe, and since that time have been unable to save my design changes. I use Windows Vista, List browsers, and if you would like to have us review your case you can include your UID for Facebook. ”
For some cases it may be appropriate for you to send Zynga Support Ticket.

Browser Version:
Profile ID Number:

To locate your Facebook User ID number:

1. Visit your Facebook profile page.
2. Move the mouse over your profile photo in the upper-left.
c. Look at the bottom of your browser window.
d. The large number after the 1&id= is your User ID number.
e. Example: if you see…&id=1234567890, then your Facebook User ID# is 1234567890.

(with as much detail as possible concerning your physical interactions with the game)

send the informations to Zynga Support Ticket.

Please try the solutions and give feedback to let others know if this solutions worked or not 🙂
if still not work you can try the Solutions from Cafe world forums

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  • Wan Ling Jaw

    Hi, I’ve got a problem that cannot stops me from connecting. Everytime I go the cafe world application on facebook. This message comes out: Connecting error. I tried alot of times but the same message comes out everytime. Is there a solution??????

  • shor5ty1

    @ wan ling jaw
    Connection errors have to do with the your internet connection. My home is wi-fi and when the signal drops with out me knowing cause I still see the internet connected the signal is not strong enough, my cafe usually refreshes itself and it’s fine. I hope that helps!

  • Po


    Every time I try to connect to Cafe World I get Connection Error: Cannot process your request at this time.
    Its been happening for about 3 weeks. But my partner can log into her facebook account from the same computer and access Cafe World with no problem at all.
    Any ideas? Thanks

  • Mary

    I am having the same problem and it seems no one understands that other people can sign on to Cafe World on my computer but I cannot. Is there something wrong with my profile? Settings? Thanks in advance!

  • Evangelina

    I log onto Cafe World fine but as soon i start making addition to my Cafe I get a message that says “connection error: we’re unable to process your connection request at this time”…I press ok and it restarts Cafe World and any changes I’ve made are gone…please help

  • Rose

    hey, i’m not having problems saving i’m actually having trouble playing the game itself. i can play all of the other zynga games except cafe world. i can receive gifts and accept them but when i want to play the title comes up and so does everything else just fine but the whole center where the game is supposed to be is blank. i’ve updated my flash player thing from adobe removed the cache and even used my internet explore but nothing. i can play when i’m at school but not here on my lap top is it because i’m using vista? can someone plz help?

  • Liane

    I’ve recently had this problem of saving any layout changes.

    Just after I’ve finished customizing my layout and I click on the checkmark green button, a pop up screen saying ‘refreshing’ appears.

    I couldn’t click on anything when that happens and have no choice but to refresh the whole page.

    When I get back to the game, all of my changes I did the previous round are gone.

    It kept happening many times and I noticed it only happens when I want to save my new changes.

    I’ve no problems with other parts of the game like cooking on the stoves, and serving to my customers. My buzz rating stays at 105 consistently.

    I just can’t make any layout changes.


  • June

    My husband, daughter, and I started Cafe World a few days ago. All on different facebook accounts. All of us can not see our free gifts. We see that we have them as we collect them, the number of gifts are there. When we click gifts, the screen is empty. Please help. Thanks!

  • Ace68

    Hi, since yesterday, i get only the “heading to your cafe”-screen when i try to start. After it’ll happenin nothing..after one hour theres still this loading-screen?

    What could it be? How can i solve the problem?

    please help!!


  • Bron

    I get the same as above!

  • Crystal

    I am having the same problem. Since the 15th March I have not been able to go to my cafe. I just get the screen ‘Heading to your cafe’ and nothingelse. It happened after I expanded my cafe and added decorations.

  • vishwath kirupa

    nothing is coming…….i could only click the “cafe world” game………then a balnk screen appears…before that something came as “RETRYING”…PLZ…….solve my problem

  • kaleemah

    cafe world will not finish loading. If I visit someone else’s cafe I cannot come back to my cafe because the house and the outside house is hidden with the part that is not finished loading. what can I do. It’s really holding up my progress.(:

  • kushnob

    hi, i am having trouble with my facebook cafe world on my laptop. it almost 1 month i cannot open it. i tried upgrade firefox 3.6 , IE8 , and google chrome. update adobe flash player 10, uninstall and reinstall applivations , clear cache and everything. but still my cafe world cannot open, but i can accept gift inside the cafe world and it always stuck up to heading to your cafe. can you please email me on what to do with it? thanks

  • john

    i’m having trouble with my cafe showing the “error connection” each time want to serve the dish…can you help solve this problem?

  • Louise winland

    nothing is coming , i click cafe world and says it\’s loading but won\’t load , I am in level 322 and hate to lose my cafe

  • alejandra

    Hola no puedo entrar al cafe world pues sale el error de conexxion y me da la opcion de refresh o repor bug pero no funciona ya llevo asi 2 semanas sin poder entrar , espero lean esto y lo puedan solucionar pronto pues mucha gente dejara de jugar su juego y por susu fallas , gracias