Cafe World School Halloween Catering Order

By | October 27, 2012

On the first week you’ll be doing cafe world school halloween catering order !

cater and wind these new dishes :
mummy meatloaf
teriyaki bat wings
witch cauldron

catering campaign mission :

feast for all catering order
serve apple bramble cake 999 times
serve clubhouse sandwich 899 times
serve lobster hoagies 799 times
collect 15 halloween ornaments
collect 15 eyes of newt
collect 12 candy bars
reward : mummy meatloaf recipe

behind the mask catering order
serve seafood paella 999 times
serve shepherd’s pie 899 times
serve jicama salad 799 times
collect 15 glowing skulls
collect 15 tp roll
collect 15 halloween jars
reward : teriyaki bat wings recipe

sweet craving catering order
serve crackling peking duck 999 times
serve savory stuffed turkey 799 times
serve almond butter crostata 799 times
collect 15 halloween lollipops
collect 15 candy corn
collect 12 gooey eyeballs
reward : witch cauldron recipe