Cafe World Serving Susie

By | August 2, 2011

Do you see any new pop up before loading bar today in cafe world ? If you missed it you can see the picture below :

we will have a new equipment / functional item with a new character : cafe world serving susie

based on the picture, serving susie can serve all your dishes with just 1-click ! i think soon there will be a serving susie goals too 😛

and also will it buildable with some parts ? or we’ll have to hire crews like sous chef station ? looking forward for this feature 🙂

Update for serving susie guide

build susie’s station
susie will manage all your serving needs… build her station now !
use cafe world serving susie gift links to send part faster

certify susie
complete the goals for susie and her crew to be certified servers !
unlock 5 new dish on cafe world serving susie goals


hire food servers – 6 serving crew :
appetizer server
entree server
dessert server
salad server
soup server
bread server


go susie go
with her crew in place, susie serves all your dishes with just 1-click!

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