Cafe World Shamrock Garden

By | March 8, 2012

Help Amelia grow a cafe world shamrock garden ! you can access this feature from st. patrick’s day 2012 to-do list !

where you can see there are 2 new recipes to unlock from here, all you need to do is collecting parts from friends for 6 stages then you can redeem prizes !

collect these parts for each stage :
clover coin
lucky horse shoe
emerald top hat
gardening glove
watering can

you need to post request to get materials from your friends manually, because the gid won’t work 🙁
here are the gids if you want to try it anyway :
6197 clover coin
6198 lucky horse shoe
6199 emerald top hat
6200 watering can
6201 fertilizer

and you can claim these rewards :
stage 1 : 20 green clovers
stage 2 : 20 green clovers
stage 3 : gooseberry crumble
stage 4 : 20 green clovers
stage 5 : irish soda bread
stage 6 : 50% stove

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