Cafe World Shattered Stories Catering Order

By | February 6, 2013

Finish all cafe world shattered stories catering order with at least 7 stars to win a 5x mega stove !

story :
the evil queen’s magic mirror has been destroyed by the wand thief ! cater for the queen to cheer her up !
the frog pince wouldn’t normally kiss and tell, but he really needs help ! his princess has been turned into a frog ! cater for the soggy froggies !
hard candy can be a real treat, but not this time ! cater for the wicked witch as she turns her house from stone back to gingerbread !

once upon a crime catering campaign :

3 catering missions requirements :

tragic mirror catering order
serve chocolate faberge egg 699 times
serve bacon spinach dip 599 times
serve lime striped hype 499 times
collect 15 magic mirrors
collect 15 poisoned apples
collect 12 poison bottles
reward : magic mirror wall + piled-on apple pie recipe

the green queen catering order
serve clams casino 699 times
serve stuffed cucumber cups 599 times
serve fire breather cakes 499 times
collect 15 lily pads
collect 15 kisses
collect 12 king and queen crowns
reward : rainbow floortile + crispy swamp cabbage recipe

rock candy catering order
serve lobster omelet 899 times
serve caramel cloud puffs 799 times
serve spinach pasta salad 699 times
collect 15 gingerbread houses
collect 15 gumdrops
collect 12 candy canes
reward : enchanted grotto wall + rock road fudge recipe