Cafe World Siggy’s Mad Scientist Ball Catering Order

By | October 29, 2011

The last halloween catering is here in cafe world siggy’s mad scientist ball catering order ! with your help, this party will be alive !

gather your friends to zap up a three star rating and learn the vampire blood pudding recipe!

you must finish the cafe world siggys tricks goals first before start this catering, because all the dishes that will be used comes from the quest reward

siggy’s mad scientist ball catering order :
– serve devilled eyeballs 50x
– serve breadstick bones 60x
– serve jelly zombie brain 15x
– collect 5 wolfs bane
– collect 5 garlic wreath

catering mission

3 star rewards (3 days)
– 15 catering points
– 75O0 cafe points
– 200,000 cafe coins
– vampire blood recipe

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