Cafe World Siggy’s Tricks Goals

By | October 26, 2011

The second haunting halloween quest that will released this week is cafe world siggy’s tricks goals

there are 10 parts with 3 new recipe as rewards

and the goulish dishes left are :
Deviled Eyeballs 4256
Breadstick Bones 4257
Jelly Zombie Brain 4258
Vampire Blood Pudding 4259

and i think we know that the mad scientist ball catering order reward will be vampire blood pudding, so the rest of dishes we will get in these quest

for gid that will be used on the missions are :
4281 Animal Masks
4282 Vampire Fangs
4283 Glowing Skulls
4284 Gooey Eyeballs
4285 Rotten Apples
4286 Toad Tongues
4287 Newt Eyes
4288 Zombie Brains
4289 Canned Screams 4309
4290 TP Rolls 4310

thx for the help guys 🙂

siggy’s tricks 1 goal
– place your witch’s cauldron (send parts faster with witchs cauldron links)
– serve pumpkin pie 30 times
– ask for 3 vampire fangs
reward : devilled eyeballs recipe

siggy’s tricks 2 goal
– serve deviled eyeballs 75 times
– ask for 10 glowing skulls
– ask for 8 vampire fangs
rewards : snake bits + bones (ingredients)

siggy’s tricks 3 goal
– serve a taste lab dish with bones
– ask for 10 canned screams
– serve 30 espresso cream sables

siggy’s tricks 4 goal
– serve vampire staked steak 30 times
– ask for 10 vampire fangs
– ask for 10 tp rolls

siggy’s tricks 5 goal
– serve 30 vegas buffets
– spice 10 neighbor stoves
– ask for 8 vampire fangs
rewards : celery brooms + cursed cumin

siggy’s tricks 6 goal
– serve a taste lab dish with cursed cumin
– ask for 10 tp rolls
– ask for 10 gooey eyeballs
reward : breadstick bones recipe

siggy’s tricks 7 goal
– serve breadstick bones 50 times
– ask for 8 totten apples
– ask for 8 vampire fangs
reward : spiders

siggy’s tricks 8 goal
– serve deviled eyeballs 30 times
– ask for 10 gooey eyeballs
– ask for 10 animal masks
reward : molded cheese

siggy’s tricks 9 goal
– serve a taste lab dish with celery brooms
– ask for 10 toad tongues
– ask for 10 newt eyes
rewards : 1000 coins + 1000 CP

siggy’s tricks 10 goal
– reach level 1 mastery of martian brain bake
– complete your witch’s cauldron
– ask for 10 zombie brains
reward : jelly zombie brain recipe

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  • Joo Lee Ano

    Either I forgot how to use GIDs (don’t think so since I use it daily) or canned screams and TP rolls IDs are wrong.

  • heather

    how do you use gid?? i need 1 more glowing skull

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  • rubygem

    its not working for myself as well Joo Lee…….

  • Mick

    GIDS for Canned Screams and TP Rolls are 4309 and 4310 respectively and not as posted above

  • Stuck

    yeah. canned scream gid is wrong

  • anna

    gids not working for me today

  • pks

    Thanks Joo Lee for confirming what I had already figured out and thought I was losing my mind! Those GID numbers have to be incorrect.

  • Dina

    I’m having the same issue with the canned screams. :-/

  • clair

    the codes i think from rotten apples onwards are wrong

  • clair

    canned screams gid 4309, tp rolls gid 4310

  • champ

    canned screams = 4309
    TP = 4310

  • travis

    My bones disappeared when I had to change to spiders in Amelias goals. If they don’t return, I QUIT

  • Lasenna

    Except for the first goal, which I think always asks for pumpkin pie, the “serve 30 servings” of a dish varies. For example, on goal 3 I had to serve Cassava Cake, not Espresso Cream Sables. Same thing for Amelia’s Treats and the other Halloween goal. Only the first goal asks for the same servings from everyone.

  • Melaine

    How do you figure the GID when you can only post it to the wall?I can see the GID’s easily for the send a requests.

  • Trina

    Great post by the way, was able to get all my extra’s without bugging my friends and neighbors.

    Just an FYI, I sent an email to support for CW about this, but the goals for Siggy 5 changed, after I loaded my stoves to cook for them. Now they need 30 ballpark meals instead of 30 Vegas Buffet. This was so totally rude.

  • Romy Simmonds

    this is the first time I am visiting this website and I saw all the numbers and I know people can get the items they require for their cafe world goals thru this. I do not know exactly how all this works. Could you help me further in regards please as to what I have to do with these numbers and where I have to insert them. Thanks in advance
    Romy Simmonds

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  • Abe

    i am new to this…what is the codes for and how do you use them? ty

  • Vince

    Vampire Fangs GID didn’t work for Siggy’s Goals 4 for some reason. I even tried it twice.

  • Dawn

    How do the GID’s work and how do you use them?