Cafe World Simple Dinnerware Collection

By | October 29, 2010

Cafe World Simple Dinnerware Collection is the requirement that you must finish to get royal feast unlock

what is simple dinnerware collections ? well here’s my estimation

first if you check functional > special tab there’s a new item
collections cabinet on cafe world

you can purchase with 75 cafe cash or build it later because it’s slowly rolling out for everyone

collections cabinet – the best chefs need the best equipment
Get a collections cabinet so that you can trade in collection sets to earn special rewards. The rewards will only keep getting better so get your collections cabinet now !

after you finish collections cabinet you can see cafe world collections where you can collect items and trade in for rewards

as you can see kitchen navigation
image thx to kontol

there’s also a pop-up menu above each neighbor allowing you to send them different kitchenware.

so i think inside collections cabinet where you can find simple dinnerware collection in cafe world, complete it and trade in to unlock royal feast

if you want to build collections cabinet faster use this cafe world collections cabinet links

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